Apply for a stipend to the 2011 AAJA National Convention

Want to go to the 2011 AAJA National Convention but can’t afford the whole cost? Apply for a stipend!

The AAJA-Portland chapter each year funds stipends to assist with the cost of going to the convention. The stipend is not meant to cover all expenses, as our chapter does not have the means to do so. We have three available stipends this year, each an amount of $200.

Recipients must have been members for the preceding six months or more with a history of involvement with the chapter, as well as commit to helping lead one fundraiser in the coming year.

If you’d like to apply, please fill out the application form below and
 respond by Thurs., July 14. The board will consider applications and
notify recipients by Mon., July 18. Email applications to

1. What do you hope to achieve by attending this year’s convention,
and why do you need a stipend?

2. What do you plan to take away from the convention to benefit,
 inform or help the chapter and fellow members? We would like members who attend the convention to share highlights of the trip with our chapter.

3. If you receive a stipend, are you willing to lead one fundraiser
 for the chapter in the next year? (We have a silent auction coming up
in the fall and have other fun ideas ready to go!)

4. Have you been a previous beneficiary of chapter/national financial assistance? How would a stipend fit into your budget for the convention?

Download the application form here: 2011NationalConventionStipend

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