Volunteer opportunity: just one hour of your time!

The national office is setting up a phone bank during the convention to call lapsed members and folks who are not attending the convention for the Power of One fundraising campaign.

Here’s the best part:
Members who secure donations (not pledges) will get to have 25 percent of those donations go toward their chapters, plus if they get a new member (or lapsed member) to join, the chapter will get its dues share.
Even if you won’t be at the convention, YOU CAN STILL HELP. Wherever you are, you can dial up folks and ask them to contribute.  National will provide phone lists and scripts. All you need to do is donate the time and your phone. You can even do this in your pj’s.
Please sign up for a shift! You can e-mail candaceheckman@gmail.com and please cc’ portland.aaja@gmail.com so we know that Portland is being represented.
Here are the shifts:
Thursday & Friday, Aug. 5 and 6
11:00am -12pm

Funds for Portland AAJA go toward student internship stipends, travel stipends for professionals and other outreach events. Every bit of help counts!

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