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Hi all:

This is courtesy of an e-mail received by AAJA Portland president Elizabeth Suh:


Summertime is upon us and along with it comes a feeling of fun and relaxation. What better time to work on your personal brand than when you’re more relaxed and enjoying the summer?

Please join me for “Build Your Brand While You Tan” a FR*EE 60-minute call on Thursday, June 18th at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern

A personal brand is your reputation and what comes to mind when someone hears your name. Your personal brand precedes you and is your calling card that sums up the experience of interacting with you.

Everyone naturally has a personal brand and if you don’t actively work on defining your brand, your brand will define you!

Whether you’re job hunting, looking for a career change or want more fulfillment in your current position, personal branding is a must career strategy in today’s economic climate!

There are many ways having a clear personal brand can help you gain leverage in your career.

On this 60-minute call, you’ll learn:

· What exactly is a personal brand?

· The benefits of strong personal brand in your career (and life)

· How personal branding is great for self-confidence

· Components of a personal brand

· Tips to begin building your brand now (no matter where you are in your career)

While this course is open to anyone, the material will be geared towards Asian American Pacific Islanders. There are specific nuances of cultural values and those dreaded stereotypes that can clutter your personal brand.

Sound interesting? Sign up here:

If you can’t make the call because you’re out playing, be sure to register anyway and you’ll get the recording of the call to listen later.

Here’s to your empowerment!

Erin Yoshimura
Empowerful Changes

Coaching. Training. Branding. Empowerment.

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