Thank you for attending the Capitol event!

Hi all: Thanks for making our Feb. 28 event at the state capitol a great success!

I’d really like to thank Peter Wong and our panelists for giving us great insight on AAPI/media/politics.

Here’s contact information for our presenters:

Liani Reeves:

Carol Suzuki:

Patrick Sieng:

Peter Wong:

Janie Har:

AAJA Portland co-president Elizabeth Suh also wanted to share other media access tips for community members:

-When getting in touch with a news organization, send out an e-mail first and then follow up with a phone call – e-mail the reporter, their editor, any others whose beat it might apply to. In the initial email, make sure to include all the who, what, when, where, why and to include a phone number at which someone can be reached quickly on deadline.

-But try to coordinate your communications with one person, rather than throwing out lines everywhere. If a reporter says the story may not work for them, ask if there’s anyone else who might be able to help.



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